Chalford_OutdoorLesson_MattDaw_24-03-15_(10)_1500x1000Sylva Foundation is leading a consultation that will enable woodland owners across the UK to input to the Charter for Trees, Woods and People.

Although anyone is encouraged to submit their personal stories reflecting the importance of trees in their lives via the Share Your Story form, this consultation is the only activity specifically aimed at ensuring that the views of woodland owners are reflected in the charter. More than two-thirds of woodlands are held in private hands, so it is vital that the voices of woodland owners like you are reflected in the charter. We would like to capture your hopes and fears for the future to ensure that the charter speaks for you, and supports you in your vital role as custodian of the nation’s woodland heritage. At the same time, we hope to build a picture of the current situation for woods in private ownership to inform the charter and the national picture of woods and trees in the UK today.


Click below to access the consultation questionnaire on Sylva Foundation’s website.
It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes of your time.