We need you to help us understand what people want and need from the UK’s trees. Add your voice and help us create the charter. You could tell us about a tree that is special to you, an experience you’ve had in a wood or share your thoughts on how trees and woods make you feel. It can be a short memory or a quick anecdote, or something longer. You could even send us a photo that tells a story and add a short caption to explain it.
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  • Endless Love

    When I was 11 I planted an acorn in my front garden which over the years grew into a beautiful tree.  No matter how old I got, I would stand beneath mytree and lose myself in the leaves marveling at the amount of life it supported. There were bugs, birds, lichen and even a squirrel’s read more

  • Being breathed by Trees

    Whilst on retreat in Dartmoor, Devon I stood under a great oak tree next to the river.  After some time, I started to notice that my lungs were ‘being breathed’ by the trees.  It was a profound visceral experience as I realised that I wasn’t ‘doing’ the breathing.  But that my body was a minor read more

  • One day my Prince will come!

    When I was small my Dad planted 2 lilac trees, below my bedroom window. I thought perhaps my Prince would come to climb the trees & run away with me!  Unfortunately they made my hay fever worse so they had to go, but he replaced them with apple trees which are still here today.  Many read more

  • Trees are our lifeline for living in harmony with our planet

    Trees are our connection to something bigger than our lives alone. Trees hold so much importance to our lives- in their role in climate control, the stories and folklore created with them, the wildlife they home and sustain, the material that can build and warm our houses… We need to connect deeply with our trees read more

  • Where Wood We Bee Without Trees

    Locking away carbon, providing building material, food, drink, shade, protecting the land from flooding, retaining top soil. They are an essential part of planet earth.