We need you to help us understand what people want and need from the UK’s trees. Add your voice and help us create the charter. You could tell us about a tree that is special to you, an experience you’ve had in a wood or share your thoughts on how trees and woods make you feel. It can be a short memory or a quick anecdote, or something longer.

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  • My Earliest Woodland Memory

    The peace and quiet of Crackley Wood, near Kenilworth. Just a local bus ride away from post war Coventry.

  • Woodland In My Life woodland-in-my-life_jim-christie

    I live in a small village called ‘Crook of Devon’ near the Ochil Hills in Kinross-shire Scotland. I have lived here for the past twenty-six years and having worked on a farm close by when I was boy, I have close ties with all the surrounding area. These early days on the farm developed in read more

  • The Banana Tree Smithills - August - John MacPherson

    I grew up in a tiny village in the middle of the countryside. My siblings and I would play in the field out at the back of our house, down by the stream that ran along the edge of it. There was a tree there that had been broken in a storm and one of read more

  • Rhythms of Life credits: Mark Hayes

    Their beauty, their majesty, their intransience, yet their transience as the seasons melt into one another. And the shades and shadows evolve into colours and patterns which reflect the rhythms of life; sleeping, waking, feeding, dressing and undressing, bristling with evocative shapes and silhouettes as they stand in silent vigil over all they survey. Or to read more

  • Be a Tree credits: John Duncan

    I love trees for their life giving gifts, for the way they soothe my soul and if you listen carefully to them, the wisdom they impart. We are connected with all around us if we would only feel it. The flora and fauna that these magnificent trees support is beyond measure. We would be so read more