We need you to help us understand what people want and need from the UK’s trees. Add your voice and help us create the charter. You could tell us about a tree that is special to you, an experience you’ve had in a wood or share your thoughts on how trees and woods make you feel. It can be a short memory or a quick anecdote, or something longer. You could even send us a photo that tells a story and add a short caption to explain it.

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    I grew up in a small cottage in the Cheshire countryside. The only way I could go to see my young friends was by crossing a field. In the field was THE TREE. This was a mature oak with a big hole high up in the trunk where a branch had fallen off. As a read more

  • The Wonder of Trees

    In the years after the war my brother and I spent many happy holidays in Norfolk with my aunt and uncle who worked for the forestry commission. We spent our days in North Walsham forest, exploring, getting lost, watching wildlife and climbing trees. Two huge ancient beeches at the heart of the woods were irresistible read more

  • Trees are the Soul of the Earth

    Ever since I was small I’ve been fascinated by the incredible beauty that trees hold. They seem to possess a lifelike quality, being born again during spring and resting throughout the winter. Trees provide us with our oxygen and hold life for all people and animals of the earth. With all that they are, and read more

  • Trees – So Many Benefits

    Trees provide shelter, shade and many, many homes. A walk on a hot summer’s day or windy autumn day is made much more pleasurable by having trees to shelter under. Above all, think about how much life they hold – insects, birds, animals, fungi, continuing even when they die. Without trees we would be living read more

  • Craigshill Almond Park

    We in our area of Livingston have a large park, Craigshill Almond Park. We have already planted about 500 trees with the help of Woodland Trust, the public love walks through the park and seeing all the different kinds of trees and the wildlife they attract. More trees need more wildlife. We hope to plant read more