What is the Charter?


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A charter is a document that outlines and defines the rights for a group of people.

The articles, or chapters, of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People, will be based upon the stories you share with us about how trees improve your life. The tree charter will set out people’s rights to these benefits and will remind us of the responsibilities we need to underta to ensure that trees are protected and recognised in the future.

During 2017 carved ‘story poles’ will be installed across the UK. These poles will be a lasting reminder of the charter and the importance of trees in our lives. Stories can be carved into and written on these poles, helping to spread and continue the legacy of the tree charter.

The tree charter will launch on the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest, which was signed in 1217. This charter aimed to protect the rights of the people to access the Royal Forests.



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