Vernon Oak Family Fun Day

The Vernon Oak’s Crafty Day

Sunday 13th August, 2 – 4pm

In the week in which Michael Gove denounces the tree felling, the threatened but stalwart Vernon Road Oak in Dore invites families and people of all ages to a fun day of crafts, bug and cake! Please see attached publicity.

Serious though the fellings may be and with injunctions, surveillance, court cases and even the Secretary of State for the Environment chipping in, this will be a day of enjoyment, celebration and creativity as well as defiance in the face of threat.

Oaks are home to more wildlife than any other native tree- literally hundreds of creatures. So, go on a Vernon bug hunt! Make an insect hotel! Make a mini beast. Eat cake and be merry!

The event will take place near the Vernon Oak on Vernon Road in Dore, S17 from 2 – 4pm