Working together to support the Tree Charter

Hirwaun & Penderyn Community Council are one of our local council Charter Branches, who are working to connect people and trees, as well as being champions the Tree Charter in their local areas. Here Emma Nelmes explains what they’ve been up to to collect spread the message.

Hirwaun & Penderyn Community Council was keen to get involved in this project as we wanted to try to get the community involved in an environmental initiative. The Community Council agreed that in addition to Community Councillors and staff collecting signatures, we would ask a selection of local organisations to get involved too.

We asked the organisations who display our Community Council minutes if they could help gather signatures for the Charter. These included Hirwaun Village Hall, Penderyn Community Centre, Hirwaun Library, The Lamb Hotel, Penderyn and Hirwaun Post Office. All organisations were keen to get involved and worked together to gather as many signatures as possible. For example, Hirwaun Village Hall had the Charter signature packs available at a community event it was hosting, and staff also spent time asking hall users from our Zumba, Craft and Welsh classes (to name a few) if they would sign the Charter. Penderyn Community Centre also worked in a similar manor to gather signatures from people using the community centre.

In addition to this Community Councillors worked to gather signatures individually, will Cllrs being given signature packs to take with them when they were out and about.

Hirwaun Primary School and Penderyn Primary School were asked to add leaves to the tree templates and the children had fun doing this. In addition to this, the Community Council’s annual Garden Show invites the schools to display entries from the children based on a particular theme. This year, to tie in with the Tree Charter, both schools have been asked to provide a tree collage showing different types of leaves.

The Community Council agrees that this was a worthwhile project that has drawn the community together and proves that community spirit is alive in or area.


Why not stand up for the trees in your community – sign the Tree Charter!

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