The Student Council; engaging students in woods and trees

The student council came together through the National Union of Students and is made up of students throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

We’ve held stalls in Liverpool and Manchester, tree planting days in Bangor, art exhibitions in London and also allocated funds to hold forestry dinners in Inverness.

Student Unions have too been active, collecting stories to feed into the tree charter to make sure student views are heard. Edinburgh Students’ Union Association held a tree planting day, visited by their local councillor. Combined with Bangor Student’s union and Cambria College tree planting days, we’ve planted around 470 trees on our campuses.

You can see a video of Edinburgh SUs work below:

Staffordshire Students Union held stalls to collect stories from students which means that from the four student unions who took part, as well as the events held by the student council, we have gathered over 650 stories from students!

Not only this, NUS conducted a survey to gather stories based on students’ experiences, attitudes and values, with trees and woodlands to feed in to the development of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People. With over 4500 respondents, 95% agreed that are important places for wildlife and 90% visit woods to destress and relax, highlighting the importance of our woodlands for student health and wellbeing.

The student council is still taking an active role in gathering signatures of support for the Tree Charter as well as planning celebrations to promote the Charters launch in November 2017. There’s lots of activities for us still to be involved in to raise awareness to other students, so why not join the Student Council and be part of this fantastic project!

To apply to be a member of the Student Council please email us at



Show your support for your trees- sign the Tree Charter


Cover photo by Ashley Tuffin

In-text photos provided by the NUS.

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