Project T In The Making…

I’ve always had a particular love for nature and its calming affects. Having attended a Lyrix Organix and Tree charter workshop, which involved us coming up with an engaging environmental event idea, the cogs started turning and an idea for a music-led event began to form in my mind. Being a student, studying a Music Business degree, events are a big part of our learning and when I saw Tree Charter were offering funding to eligible events it all sounded absolutely perfect. The application process was really smooth running and we were able to confirm funding after about 2 weeks. I recruited another 7 students from my university in various roles and we began to flesh out the event concept, which we are now even using for credit towards our final degree.

We began brainstorming how we could get maximum engagement whilst pushing the worthy Tree Charter cause. As we are young people ourselves, the youth age group is what we understand best and perhaps are one of the lesser actively engaged groups when it comes to the environment. We therefore decided that our event would be aimed at and for the youth of London; the future generation. It is no secret that London lacks greenery and many of us grow up never having seen a proper forest until we venture out of the capital, or overseas. The Tree Charter Campaig was perfect for our demographic of students who often don’t have a lot of funds to give away, as it is asking simply for signatures of support. For every signature of support added, a tree will be planted, allowing young people to make a difference by simply engaging with the cause. We are calling our campaign to promote this initiative ‘A Name For A Tree’.

Once we had our concept down, the tricky bit – logistics were next. After a lot of searching and viewings we were able to finally secure an amazing venue in East London, NT’s Bar, to collaborate with. This beautiful bar is sensitive to our cause and is already full of plant life with a lovely terrace and swanky indoor bar area.

We decided to go for an urban themed night with 4 live bands made up of 3 established acts and 1 ‘Project T Introducing’ slot, giving a platform to a new talent. The night will also begin and round off with some fresh and talented DJs – all to be announced in the coming weeks. Each act was hand picked through a very rigorous process. We didn’t pick any old bands but those who fit in with our environmental concept and ethos as well as having that young, urban vibe to engage our audience. We are running the event on a professional level with Health and Safety checks, artist contracts and full management with our team responsible for legal and budgeting, stage management, marketing and promotion and all other aspects.


We want the night to be a journey from the second you enter our leafy environment. We plan to have a number of fun happenings on the night from our own special tree themed cocktail to a few other surprises you’ll just have to wait to find out about! We’re super excited about where our event on the 2nd of May will turn out after all of our preparation

Have a look at our Facebook event and follow us on social media to keep up to date with all that is coming with Project T @ NT’s







By: Nikki Camilleri – Event Manager

Date: 04/04/17


Show your support for trees and woods, sign the Tree Charter.



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