Local Councils: Becoming a Charter Branch

Your local parish, town or community council can participate in the Tree Charter by becoming a Charter Branch. To register your local council as a Charter Branch, simply add your council’s name and details to the boxes on the right hand side of this webpage: https://treecharter.uk/charter-branches/

As a Charter Branch your council will be joining a growing network of people passionate about trees, helping to develop and promote the new Tree Charter. We’ll help you to do this by proving you with free support, such as promotional materials and newsletters. As a local council Charter Branch, Joseph will be your direct point of contact for help and advice at: Joseph.palasz@nalc.gov.uk

Becoming a Charter Branch will in no way affect the autonomy of your council or local conservation groups. Your level of involvement may range from simply signing up to receive free copies of the Tree Charter’s newspaper “Leaf!” to gathering signatures of support, to more imaginative projects and activities around trees, for which funding of up to £1500 is available.

Here are some of the things your council can do as a Charter Branch:

Sign the Charter

On the 27th March 2017 we will be announcing the 10 principles of the Tree Charter. From this moment on, we will be asking Charter Branches to help us collect signatures of support for the Tree Charter.

Each Charter Branch will be provided with a book detailing the 10 principles of the Tree Charter. Branches will be asked to encourage their local community to sign these books. This will enable people to show their support for the charter and the value of trees have to their lives. For every signature collected, a tree will be planted.

Local councils who form Charter Branches can incorporate signature gathering into their events, activities or communications, or they may simply leave their book in a public space within their community, such as a town hall or pub, for people to sign. This will help us to spread the message of the Tree Charter to local communities up and down the country.

Celebrate your Local Trees

Local councils already do much to maintain, protect and celebrate their local tree heritage, often working in partnership with local conservation groups or schools.

Charter Branches can promote and celebrate the value of their local trees and woodland in a variety of different ways, such as setting up stalls at a village fete or local school fair, guided walks around local area, educational talks, treasure or Easter Egg hunts, workshops, pub quizzes or tree themed short story/photography/artwork competitions


Planting is vital to ensuring the UK’s trees have a future. Many local parish, town or community councils already support tree planting activities in their community. Becoming a Charter Branch will affirm these projects, helping to mobilise volunteers and the community to plant new trees in their area.

The Tree Charter Project will support your tree planting activities. The Woodland Trust can provide free advice and tree packs for those communities interested in planting. Find out more: http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/plant-trees/advice/

Be Imaginative!

If you have a good idea on how to connect your local community and trees together, and you can budget it out, as a Charter Branch you can apply for up to £1500 of funding.

Find out more about funding opportunities and how you can apply here (note, funding is limited): https://treecharter.uk/charter-champion-resources/

To register your local council as a Charter Branch, simply add your council’s name and details to the boxes on the right hand side of this webpage: https://treecharter.uk/charter-branches/

General information about the Tree Charter can be found at their website, here: https://treecharter.uk/tree-charter-faqs/

If you have any problems or questions regarding becoming a charter branch, please contact me at: Joseph.palasz@nalc.gov.uk

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Written by Joseph Palasz, NALC. Photos thanks to NALC.


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