National Tree Week and Tree Dressing Day

It is one year to go until the launch of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People. We want to help you celebrate the roles of trees and woods in your lives. Read on to find out more about the origins of the Tree Council’s National Tree Week and Tree Dressing Day and how you can celebrate them this year to help gather stories for the Tree Charter.


National Tree Week

National Tree Week was introduced by the Tree Council in 1975 as a week to celebrate trees and the start of bare root planting season. It is a week where lots of events are held to celebrate trees and what they do for us, but it is also a good opportunity to highlight the threats to trees.

The theme of National Tree Week this year is ‘Changing Views’ which is appropriate given that it marks 1 year to go until the launch of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People, which will change the way trees and woods are viewed in society. It is being held from 26th November to the 4th December, which is Tree Dressing Day.

Why not have your own event during National Tree Week? Read on to find out more about the resources that you can get to collect tree stories for the Tree Charter, whilst taking part in a Tree Dressing Day acitivity.


Tree Dressing Day

Tree Dressing Day is always held at the end of National Tree Week. It was created by Common Ground in 1990 to give communities a day to come together in celebration of the trees they all benefit from. Events take place all around the country to ‘dress’ trees. Lots of different types of dressing can take place, whether it’s yarn-bombing, lantern hanging, or decorations made by the community. Often activities include other elements such as story-telling and bonfires.


Free Tree Dressing Activity Pack

Common Ground have produced a beautiful free resource for Tree Dressing Day 2016 to inspire Tree Dressing events and to help you and your community gather stories for the Tree Charter. It consists of sheets of pop-out ‘leaves’ for people to write their tree story on, decorate, and hang on a tree to ‘re-leaf a winter tree’.

The resource consists of pop-out leaves, instructions and ideas for running a fantastic Tree Dressing Day for your community, school, university, college or just with a few friends and family members.

To order a free pack simply email with your name, postal address and details of your event. Please specify how many people you expect to attend so that we can be sure to send you enough leaves.

You can also print off your own pack with our downloadable version below.



Remember to be nice to your trees when tying things to them, and to remove decorations afterwards so that no damage is done to the tree you are celebrating! You should be removing them anyway, as we want all of your lovely story leaves back in!



Have you ever done Tree Dressing Day activities before? How do you celebrate the value of trees in your lives? To add your voice to the Charter for Trees, Woods and People, please visit our website.

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